San Diego 2015 Bull Burger Battle

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Third time’s a charm! For the third year in a row, Carddine Spas hosted a Bull Burger Battle at their store in the San Diego area. Burger cooks from across California gathered for their chance to compete in the 2015 World Food Championships! There was more than just a battle, though. The event was open to the public and popcorn, burger samples, chicken wings and other delicious treats were passed out. Thirteen cooks competed for their spot at the 2015 World Burger Championship in Kissimmee, Fla. and for the second year in a row, girls ruled!

Kara Arendsen won the judges over with her “The Screamin’ Italian” burger which featured truffle Havarti cheese, caramelized onions and prosciutto topped with a brioche bun. Arendsen was in complete shock when she was announced as this year’s Burger Battle winner. With a score of 88.3333 (out of 100), she will join Team Bull at the World Food Championships this November for her chance to win $100,000.

Dennis McGrath, head chef of Porketeers, came in second place with a score of 86.6667. “The Pepper Don’t Preach Burger,” made by McGrath, featured a chipotle mayo, jalapeno and bacon. In third place, with a score of 82.8333, was Hanis Cavin with his “Candied Bacon Gorgonzola Melt Burger.”

Ricardo Heredia, the current World Food Champion, made a surprise appearance on Saturday and was featured as one of the celebrity judges. Also, featured on the panel of judges was the 2014 San Diego Burger Battle winner, Kelly Lucas-Shippey. A special thank you to all of the judges who spent the afternoon with Bull, and all of the competitors who grilled some incredible burgers!

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2015 Bull Burger Battle - San Diego Results

Place Competitor Score
1 Arendsen, Kara 88.3333
2 McGrath, Dennis 86.6667
3 Cavin, Hanis 82.8333
4 Gram, Pam 81.8333
5 Deem, Pam 80.5
6 Otto, Ron 80
7 Metzger, Kurt 79.3333
8 Hines, Brian 77.8333
9 McDonald, Rick 76.5
10 Douglas, Ramon 72.6667
11 Stewart-Harbin, Jasmin 70
12 Masker, Mark 69.3333
13 Morris, Andre 58.8333