Rules and Regulations

General Rules

Bull Burger Battles are live event food competitions where competitors have two (2) full hours to create their entries into the competition. To be eligible to compete, competitors must register in advance and be selected by the event coordinator. Total points using EATTM scoring method will determine the event champion.

Each competitor will need to provide their own grill and enough ingredients to create approximately five or six full burgers.

Competitors may have one (1) assistant during the competition period. Assistants are not considered competitors and are not eligible to win. A competitor or assistant may not compete on more than one competitor’s team. Competitors are responsible for the actions of their designated assistants and may be disqualified for the actions or violations of an assistant.

A maximum of fifteen (15) participants will compete in the competition. Designation of cooking time and turn-in time will be provided to each competitor during the mandatory cooks’ meeting. Determination of cooking group will be designated by a random draw. There will be up to 4 judges per entry.

To ensure fairness, all cooks must provide an ingredients list and recipe card at the mandatory cooks’ meeting. Once the recipe cards are in, teams will be expected to produce that burger.

Competitor Turn-In

All competition entries must be prepared onsite during the competition period, no entries previously prepared will be accepted with the exception of prepackaged material/products. If there is a question about the validity of a prepackaged material being used, it is the responsibility of the competitor to receive approval in advance of the event. It is recommended that if a competitor uses a homemade sauce that it be prepared on-site.

For the competition, burgers can consist of ground beef or ground alternatives including but not exclusive to: buffalo, bison, turkey, veal, black bean, salmon etc.

Turn-in to the judges will be inside a closed approx. 9” by 9” clamshell “to-go” box. Boxes will be provided by competition organizers.

  • Competitors will create one (1) burger for appearance judging that will be in its own box.
  • Competitors will create up to four (4) portions for judging (depending on the number of judges) placed in a second box. The entries in the second box will not be judged for appearance.

Presentation décor/garnish is up to the competitor. The décor must be edible or floral, edible décor will not be eaten nor judged for anything other than “appearance.” No artificial structures may be used to frame, elevate or prop your appearance judged product. Toothpicks or similar devices may be used only on the portions judged for taste.

Turn-in times will be confirmed at the cook’s meeting. An entry will be judged only at the time established by the event coordinator. The allowable turn-in time will be five (5) minutes before to five (5) minutes after the posted time with no tolerance. A late turn-in will receive a 1 (one) in all judging criteria.

Ingredients List/Recipe - An ingredients list/recipe card must be presented at the mandatory cook’s meeting. The recipe card must not be marked in any manner that would identify the competitor to the judges. Recipe cards should include ingredient quantities, serving size and steps used to create dish.

Judging Process

The Bull Burger Battle is a blind judging competition. Entries will be submitted in an approved and numbered container provided by the contest organizer. The container may be re-numbered by the Contest Rep or authorized personnel before being presented to the judges.

Burgers may include any combination of condiments, spreads, sauces, cheeses and toppings. Every component placed between the bun or bread pieces will be considered for judging. If a component to the burger, such as a sauce or condiment, exists outside of the bun or bread, it will not be judged.

Judges will be instructed to judge each entry on Execution, Appearance and Taste. The numbering will rank from 1 to 10 in each of the three competition categories.

Judging will be silent and blind judged. Each judge will convene at the mandatory judges’ meeting in advance of the judging round, where they will be instructed on what is expected of them at the competition.

Judges will be instructed to not converse or discuss the entries until all judges have completed scoring and the score cards have been collected.

Each entry will be judged on its own individual merits as opposed to comparatively against the other entries.

EAT Method

The EAT Method is the World Food Championships’ own proprietary scoring system and methodology that allows any WFC competition category to be judged on the same criteria in a consistent manner.

Each entry will be judged on three key evaluation criteria: Execution, Appearance and Taste.

Within a category, “Execution” may be defined specifically to the category it belongs in. However, in general, Execution

will be evaluated by overall and specific judge’s interpretations of dish structure, edibility, design and preparation.

Within a category, “Appearance” may be defined specifically to the category it belongs in. However, in general, Appearance will be evaluated on two criteria: the product to be sampled which is presented for judging, as well as the overall appearance of the presentation box. EAT judges will be instructed to more heavily weight their scoring in this Appearance category based on the product itself, but to also consider overall presentation appearance.

Within a category, “Taste” may be defined specifically to the category it belongs in.

During Bull Burger Battle Judging, each criteria will be judged on a scale of 1 (inedible) to 10 (perfect).

Each of the EAT category scores will be weighted according to their importance to the overall dish. The weighting is as follows: Taste – 50%, Execution – 35%, Appearance – 15%.

The lowest score for each entry will be dropped.

Tiebreakers for WFC judging rounds will go as follows: 1. Sum of Taste scores (after dropping the lowest cumulative score set) 2. Sum of weighted Taste and Execution scores (after dropping the lowest cumulative score set) 3. Higher of the lowest cumulative scores (the previously dropped score set) 4. Higher Taste score from lowest cumulative score set 5. Higher weighted Taste and Execution scores from the lowest cumulative score set 6. Sum of cumulative scores, dropping lowest AND highest score set 7. Sum of Taste scores (after dropping the lowest AND highest cumulative score set) 8. Sum of weighted Taste and Execution scores (after dropping the lowest AND highest cumulative score set) 9. Computer-generated random sequence (coin toss)

World Food Championships

The World Food Championships is a 9-category live event cooking competition held annually in Las Vegas for $300,000 in total prize money. More than 500 competitors, champions and award winning amateurs and professional chefs will gather in Las Vegas for a shot at food fame and fortune.

The winner of each Bull Burger Battle will receive a premium outdoor grill, an expense paid trip to Las Vegas, qualification and entry to compete as a member of “Team Bull” at the World Burger Championship.

As a competitor at the World Food Championships, each qualifying team must designate a head cook and register with an official competition team name. Winners of the Bull Burger will represent Bull Outdoor Products as: “Team Bull, John Smith” (for example).

In 2013, the World Food Championships entered into an agreement with Core Media, producers of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, and Sharp Entertainment, producers of Man v Food, to film the World Food Championships to air as a series on the A+E Networks.

All four days of the championship event were filmed and will air in 2014 as a six-episode series on A+E’s newly rebranded Bio Network, which is now called FYI. FYI will feature lifestyle programming and “be an upscale network with a younger and more modern sensibility than what we’ve seen on traditional lifestyle networks,” said A+E Networks president and CEO Nancy Dubuc. The channel will be available in over 70 million households and is set for a Summer 2014 launch.

Changes and Amendments

The Bull Burger Battle/WFC event reserves the right to make changes to these rules. Any matters not specifically covered herein are subject to decision by the event coordinator. The Bull Burger Battle/WFC reserves the right to make such changes, amendments and additions to these rules as considered advisable for the proper conduct of the contest with the provision that all Contestants will be advised of any such changes in writing.

General Competition Guidelines

Appropriate sanitary equipment will be provided per regulations determined by local health and fire codes.

Competitors are required to provide appropriate ice and coolers for ingredients that must be maintained at a specific health department required temperature.

Any violation of health or fire department regulations may result in the immediate disqualification of a competitor. Competitors may use Gas/Propane or Charcoal/Pellet fuel grills to compete.

Competitors are NOT allowed to serve or vend food to the attending public.

If a Contestant does not follow the Rules and Regulations set by the event coordinator, then this contract may be terminated. In the event of a default by the Contestant, the Contestant shall forfeit as liquidated damages the amount paid by him/her in connection with his/her application.

In case of cancellation of the contest for the specified due to war, governmental action or order, act of God, fire, strike, labor disputes, or any other cause beyond the event’s control, this Agreement shall terminate.

Bull Burger Battle - Participant Agreement

This one page participant agreement must be completed and turned-in by the head cook at the mandatory cook’s meeting.

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the Bull Burger Battle, an event produced by Bull Outdoor Products and Trybe Targeting, producers of the World Food Championships. This Agreement shall constitute an agreement between You and Trybe Targeting (World Food Championships), its agents, assignees, licensees, and benefactors (collectively the “WFC”) and shall govern your participation in the Bull Burger Battle/WFC. By signing below, you agree to be legally bound by all of the terms, conditions and notices contained or referenced herein.

As a qualifier/participant, You hereby grant the Bull Burger Battle/WFC the right to record Your name, likeness, image, voice, sound effects, interview and performance on film, tape, or otherwise (the "Recording"), edit such Recording as the Bull Burger Battle/WFC or any third party licensee of the Bull Burger Battle/WFC may desire. You hereby grant the Bull Burger Battle/WFC the permission and right to use or authorize the use of the Recording or any portions thereof in all markets, manner, formats and media, whether now known or hereafter developed, throughout the world, in perpetuity. At the World Food Championships event, competitor agrees to represent Bull Outdoor Products as a named member of Team Bull. Competitor agrees to operate and conduct themselves in a professional manner and as a representative Bull Outdoor Products and the WFC.

Liability and Insurance

Neither the event coordinator, the World Food Championships, Trybe Targeting, Bull Outdoor Products, or the host venue/retailer and its partners and sponsors nor their representatives, will be responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the Contestant or the Contestant’s employees or property from any cause whatsoever. It is the Contestant’s responsibility to protect machinery and contestant space so that no injury will result to the public, visitors, guests, or persons or property. All property of the Contestant is understood to remain in the Contestant’s care, custody and control in transit to, from, or within the confines of the contest Area subject to the Rules and Regulations. The Contestant, upon signing the Competitor’s Agreement, expressly releases, holds, keeps and saves harmless and indemnifies the forgoing names, organizations and committees and individuals from all claims for such loss, damage, or injury. Contestants are advised to carry insurance to cover any of the above.

Changes and Amendments

The World Food Championships reserves the right to make changes to these rules. Any matters not specifically covered herein are subject to decision by the WFC. The WFC reserves the right to make such changes, amendments and additions to these rules as considered advisable for the proper conduct of the contest with the provision that all Contestants will be advised of any such changes in writing.