Team Bull 2015

The Disney town of Celebration Florida will host the 2015 World Food Championships and Team Bull will be prepared to defend it's World Burger Championship as the 2015 Team, led be two time champ Wade Fortin, will be stacked with the best Burger Masters in the country.

Matt Stum

Chef Matt Stum topped a local beef burger with heirloom tomatoes, Bibb lettuce, soy pickled onions, sweet pickled mustard seeds, guajillo peppers and smoked paprika aioli to earn his spot on Team Bull 2015. As head Chef of the Local, a gastro pub located just outside of Indianapolis, Strum honed his skills for Burger Competition under previous Bull Burger Battle winner and Team Bull member Craig Baker. According to Stum Indy has an emerging dynamic culinary scene and he plans to prove that Midwest flavor can dominate the burger world.

Joe Saccente

Saccente, an iron worker and a father of two, competed last year when Best in Backyards hosted the first New York Bull Burger Battle. For that cook-off, he created a burger using a mixture of ground beef and ground pork, caramelized onions, peppers and more. He came in last place. Saccente did “everything different” for the 2015 competition. “Last year me, Chris, and my old man sat in my kitchen and made 30 sliders. This year I forgot about the competition until the night before,” he said, adding that he kept this year’s entry simple. “Last year the basic burgers scored better, so we learned from that.”!

Lance Dodson

Chef Lance Dodson And Chris Reine have always loved to cook and see the enjoyment it gives people to eat good food. After leaving the Marine Corps Lance went to Louisiana Culinary Institute for his training. Cooking in some of the best restaurants in Baton Rouge He decided to take a different path into competitive cooking. His Knowledge and creativity gives him the edge over the competition.

Kara Arendsen

From a young age Kara really enjoyed baking. She was thrilled to accept her first job as a bakers apprentice when she was just 17 years old. After working at the bakery Chef Arendsen decided to try out other professions but always kept baking as a favorite hobby. Nearly 15 years later Kara is now a hairstylist...about as far away from a professional cook as you can get! She has since expanded her foodie repertoire to include all things cooking and grilling, but can still bake a mean cupcake. "As an Italian woman there is nothing I enjoy more then honoring my roots by feeding the people I love a fantastic and healthy meal. I can't wait to share my passions at my first World Food Championships". 

Naresh Nair

Naresh "Squared" Nair started his life in the restaurant business as a teenager, working under the tutelage of his mother and grandmother at Chicago-area restaurants and cooking schools. He has performed every job in the hospitality field, from busboy and dishwasher to server and bartender to manager and trainer. Currently Naresh is employed at Caliendos Restaurant and Bar in Winfield IL. Where he is in charge of all aspects of the restaurant of managing a great family owned Italian restaurant. His more than two decades in the business, Naresh has earned many awards, including a first place in “Chicago’s Best Chicken Wing” competition. He’s also been featured in Metromix Chicago for best “insane” wing sauce recipe, as well as Chicago Tribune Magazine for his “Great Bowl of Chili” recipe. In addition, he was featured in a New York Times story about how the economy has affected the bar and restaurant business. Naresh has also appeared in other Chicago media outlets, including television morning news shows, after he participated in the Red Bull Flutag flying competitions in 2003 and 2008 and 2013. Despite his years of experience, Naresh continues his professional education.

Samir Mohammadi

Mohammadi, originally from Morocco, is the oldest of four children. He began cooking as a way to help his mom feed his brother and sisters. Before moving to Cary, he lived in France for five years, where he opened a Moroccan restaurant with his brother, Hicham. He moved to Cary in 1999 after visiting a friend. “I fell in love with the people and the place, so I decided to move here,” he said. He now has two daughters with his wife, Hayat: Nohayla, who is 5, and Jannat, who is 2. Mohammadi worked as a chef in the area for more than 15 years before he decided to open his own restaurant – The Corner Tavern and Grill, which is nestled in the corner of the Maynard Crossing shopping center. “When you are working for somebody, you don’t have that much decision to make a lot of changes the way you want,” he said. “The only way I could explore myself and do what I want and grow is to open my own place.”

Dennis McGrath

The Porketeers are a dynamic competition BBQ team. Their first competition was in Havasu where tehy placed third in the Pork category. They have been making their mark in the BBQ circuit ever since. McGrath competed in the KCBS International competition in Mexico and placed first in the Brisket category. And has gone on to have many additional top 10 walks competing in California and Arizona. McGrath truly enjoy the competition circuit and the opportunity to meet so many great people. These days, you can now find The Porketeers roaming the streets of San Diego in their Porketeers Food truck. If you’re lucky, they might even serve up a championship burger for you!

Wade Fortin

Chef Wade Fortin has never met a culinary challenge he couldn't handle. An accomplished chef with a love for competition BBQ, Fortin took his grilling skills to new heights winning a 2013 Bull Burger Battle, presented by Bull Outdoor®, which carried him all the way to the World Food Championships and ultimately the title of World Burger Champion. With over 15 years of food industry experience, Fortin specializes in developed tastes and impeccable technique. Fortin, as an accomplished chef and successful food competitor, combines his culinary acumen with his intense personal drive to achieve great culinary heights.