Team Bull 2014

2014 is setting up to be the toughest most accomplished Bull team to ever grace the hallowed cooking grounds of the World Food Championships with the reigning World Burger Champion, Wade Fortin, leading the charge. Along with Chef Fortin, Team Bull 2014 also is bringing back 2013 top ten finalist Jeffery Jeffery Boudreaux, and Dennis McGrath to bolster its already impressive team. The rest of the team will be well rounded with home cooks, competition BBQ teams, and pro chefs.

Owen Hohl

True as the saying goes, “if at first you don’t succeed, try again”, Owen Hohl recently took on Bull Outdoor® Product’s Bull Burger Battle challenge for the second year in a row. Driven by redemption after a disappointing defeat in 2013, this time, Hohl walked away with the first place honors. Chef Owen Hohl, who turned in his original Cajun Burger recipe, will now go on to compete in the World Burger Championship as part of Team Bull at the World Food Championships in Downtown Las Vegas, Nov. 12-18. At just 25 years old, Chef Owen Hohl has already managed to acquire more than 10 years of culinary experience on his resume and is currently the executive sous chef at Hot Tails restaurant in Baton Rouge.

Skip Day

A backyard griller from the age of 8, my grandmother made sure I knew how to cook. I have always been the go to guy for the grill at every party. People have admitted to me that when they know I will be at their party they buy their food accordingly knowing I will end up on the grill. My passion for griller evolved into competition barbeque. Since 2006 our team, Swamp Pit BBQ, has competed on the BBQ circuit earning the respect of other competitive cooks. I hope to bring my years of experience to the WFC and show them what Swamp Pit BBQ can do.

Kelly Lucas-Shippey

Kelly Lucas-Shippey is an award winning competitive cook. She has been a competitor since 2011 and has had a major win every year. She does cooking demonstrations for live audiences of both modern recipes and historic recipes. She has a historic cooking blog and historic cooking show that can be found at You can follow her on face book at Fresh Hot History and see interesting food facts from history! She is inspired by the past and finds that history can come alive through tasting food prepared from that time.

Colin Thompson

Body by Burger is a father and son team with Ron and Colin Thompson. They are amateur back yard grillers and enjoy competing in burger competitions. Taught to cook by his mother and grandmother ever since he could remember, Thompson worked as a short order cook during his high school days. Born and raised on a farm in Illinois he always had high quality ingredients to work with, such as the black angus cattle raised by his father and the rows of fresh sweet corn just outside the back door to the farmhouse. As an avid sportsman and hunter Colin likes to cook everything he harvests, including wild turkey and white tail deer. He especially loves grilling as often as possible with his family. 

Chef Rick Alva

Chef Rick of Detour Grille beat one of the toughest fields the Burger Battle has seen to earn his spot on Team Bull 2014. His Boss Hog Burger bested past Indy Bull Burger Champion Craig Baker and will take him all the way to Las Vegas and his chance at a prize purse of over $300,000. Rick looks to keep things simple and tasting great for his quest for World Burger dominance. Chef Richard Alva started working in the food industry when he was 20yrs old and is still doing what he loves to do today. Chef Alva started in the kitchen pantry area and worked his way up to head line cook. Wanting to learn more he expanded his culinary knowledge and started to work on making Fresh Soups and Sauces. Eventually Alva worked his way up to learn how to bake Fresh Bread, Pastry and Cakes. He has been an Executive Chef for about 7yrs now and loves to create new dishes.

Wade Fortin

Chef Wade Fortin has never met a culinary challenge he couldn't handle. An accomplished chef with a love for competition BBQ, Fortin took his grilling skills to new heights winning a 2013 Bull Burger Battle, presented by Bull Outdoor®, which carried him all the way to the World Food Championships and ultimately the title of World Burger Champion. With over 15 years of food industry experience, Fortin specializes in developed tastes and impeccable technique. Fortin, as an accomplished chef and successful food competitor, combines his culinary acumen with his intense personal drive to achieve great culinary heights.

Dennis McGrath

The Porketeers are a dynamic competition BBQ team. Their first competition was in Havasu where tehy placed third in the Pork category. They have been making their mark in the BBQ circuit ever since. McGrath competed in the KCBS International competition in Mexico and placed first in the Brisket category. And has gone on to have many additional top 10 walks competing in California and Arizona. McGrath truly enjoy the competition circuit and the opportunity to meet so many great people. These days, you can now find The Porketeers roaming the streets of San Diego in their Porketeers Food truck. If you’re lucky, they might even serve up a championship burger for you!

Jeffery Boudreaux

Jeffery Boudreaux’s winning burger in Baton Rouge, the ‘Italian Burger,” was a flavorful mixing of ground beef and Italian sausage, Italian bread-crumbs and parmesan. A simple but complex burger, just like Boudreaux. The burger was masterfully topped with bacon, swiss cheese and a colorful display of green, red and yellow peppers.  “My only professional experience is flipping burgers at Dairy Queen in high school,” says Boudreaux of his background. Professional experience or not, Boudreaux seems to have the recipe for burger success down pat. Call it beginner’s luck, or call it a natural inclination for building better burgers. Regardless, Boudreaux’s laidback confidence and drive to beat his brother, Brian Boudreaux, carried him all the way to the winner’s podium – lead by his ‘Italian Burger,’ of course.